Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stuart Hilton? Who's that?

Well, thats what wandered through my mind as I saw his name as a suggestion on the brief, I'm really one to remember names unless I'm going to get quizzed about it within the next 30 minutes but unfortunately Stuart Hilton is not a name i will remember for long but whilst i still do I'll tell you what i found out about him. I'm not going to tell you where he was born or how old he is because that has no relevance to anything so instead I will tell you about what he does to save you the Google search (Which doesn't give you much about him).

Stuart Hilton is an experimental animator and film maker and hes done works such Argument in a superstore, Dyers hall road, six weeks in June and save me. To be honest the only piece of worked I liked of his was Machine Word from 1988 which i found interesting because its always been a concept thats been playing around in my mind for a long time now. Sometimes when I've got my headphones plugged into my computer i can here the computer working and thats always felt like some sort of language and what hes done is hes shown that message in a visual form thats very similar to the binary system computers use.

If you feel you haven't learnt that much about Stuart Hilton from me, well neither have I, in fact I wasn't really interested. No offense to his work, just that the ones i saw, an example being Argument in a superstore, were not very appealing to me and only 1 in about 10 pieces of work interested me. Obviously he may have done plenty of amazing work, but chosen to keep it private, I am just speaking from what I saw, I'll also add the video of Machine Word from youtube below this post.

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