Thursday, 7 October 2010

At the end of a rainbow, you can find....

Colour. Thats what I found on my journey through the Internet (rainbow in this instance). It all started with Max Hattler, a Google search of his name led me to his Vimeo channel and from previous experience on Vimeo, I was sure to prepare myself for a roller coaster of inspiration. I looked through a lot of his work including striper v0.1 and his latest piece "Your Highness". maybe if I didn't read the video description for Your Highness I would have appreciated his work more but what I read just seemed stupid. to sum it up, he made the video with a meaning which i am unsure of but it was made without football in his mind-frame but when the film was interpreted as "an offbeat short film depicting masculinity, particularly on the soccer field" the artist seems to take full credit of this interpretation and as I stated in an earlier post, that really ticks me off so thumbs down to Max Hattler. You'll understand what I mean if you read the video description. Read the last one 1st and then read the top one last....Confused? read it again, S.l.o.w.e.r....

Anyways about this colour I found, it was actually through one of Maxs videos which he did with Robert Siedel. The video is titled "UIT VISUAL: Max Hattler + Robert Seidel" and ill be providing a link to it but inside this video I saw Drift by Max Hattler and _Grau by Robert Seidel. To build up the suspension about _grau, I'll waste your time a bit by telling you what I thought about Drift. The simplicity of this is what captured my interest and the analysis of the body with this simplicity just captured my attention. I feel like its showing the neutrality of the skin or maybe even the human form. Its innocence, a confession of the skin. Hope all that makes sense, I've started putting words together like these wacky artists, might have to go back to secondary school to learn some grammar.

Now for _grau (yes it seems like the underscore is part of the name....wierd) but this is the piece that changed my day and my outlook on the project. Robert says in the UIT visual Video, that this is based on the flashbacks you get before you encounter death. Kind of how people say your entire life flashes before you before you die, but what hes done is shown how we actually see memory. We can remember a lot of things in a very short amount of time and in the video you see how memory is fragmented and moves by slowly and also constantly breaks apart and turns into something else and i think this is an excellent visualization of how we perceive memory.

Wow i still haven't gotten to the colour bad, I'll do it now.

I became interested in Robert Seidel and decided to visit his Vimeo page which is where i found.......COLOUR. See? Didn't have to wait that long....but sad to say, this has gone on a bit so I am going to dedicate the next post to Robert Seidel.

Drift (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.
"Drift considers the body as landscape through close-up images of skin. The music likewise takes a close-up view of a series of harp chords and viola harmonics. Using real photography in extreme close-up creates a foreign yet familiar world, removed from reality, yet sometimes almost too close. In the music, this tension is mirrored. Original samples are exploded into a multitude of tiny elements before being reconstructed into a tight arrangement based on the Fibonacci series." Specialten

Music by Mark Bowden
Directed by Max Hattler
© 2007


Max Hattler Vimeo Page

UIT Visual: Max Hattler + Rober Seidel

Robert Seidel Vimeo Page


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