Thursday, 14 October 2010

Busy Busy....Tired

So its been a whole but I'll summarise my progress so far; On Tuesday i was speaking to my tutor about the idea and he showed me to the workshop where I can cut the acrylic (ye...i changed the material i want to use) and also suggested that I used linseed oil with some pigments to give it the colour and the because of the pigments, the colours will still mix and change colour, so far so good. When i got home i tried to do some research into linseed oild but all i found was some youtube video, which didn't offer much. So i started thinking of possible alternatives and after asking around i came to the conclusion of using UV paint, so far so good? I did some research and spoke an advisor for paint and i found the right UV paint. Now for the problems. The university doesnt keep materials so if I want to use acrylic I'll have to buy it myself and same goes for the paint (the paint is not cheap). I will be going out to some factories tommorow on the A13 (motorway) asking for clear acrylic but for the paint, I'm still unsure about what to do. I may just get the Linseed oil and pigments and hope thats cheaper because with the UV paint, ill also have to buy UV lights but they are the preferred paint as they glow and if they were to seep into the cracks in the acrylic, this would create a wonderful effect. But ye thats all so far and if things don't start moving along very soon i may have to simplify this idea and just used water and paper instead or something to save time and money.

In this post I am going to include links to the website for the UV paint, Linseed oil youtube video and an image of the conversation i had with the UV paint advisor.

UV Paint
Linseed Oil 
My Convo with the UV paint advisor 

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