Thursday, 7 October 2010

Oh my...More Lightbulbs!!

I just saw the “Bringing Colour to life” for Canon Advert by Dentsu London and I was blown away and also very inspired at the same time. I had a brainstorm of doing something with paint. I could engrave a path on a piece of wood and then pour paint into the path and film it as it travels and watch as the different coloured paint interact with each other and then to take the abstractness to another level I could later do Time-warps in after effects. The main problems I can foresee at the moment is that the paint may just get completely absorbed by the wood but this interaction might actually be a good thing. The infection of the wood is a very interesting concept and the paint can also be seen as blood giving life to wood. The piece can very well be interpreted as the wonders of life.

But 1 concern i have at the moment is whether this would be classified as animation. If that idea enough doesn't classify as animation which it most likely wouldn't then ill just try another method of executing it, which i am currently conjuring up on top of my squeaky chair, but this is something I will have to talk to my tutor on Tuesday.

Bringing Colour to life” for Canon Advertby Dentsu London

Dentsu London 

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