Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Process: Making Way

So I went to get some pieces of acrylic to begin the project, and was about to cut out the path I had drawn out only to be told that I was not allowed to use the tool, so I had to figure out an alternative method for my project. There were 2 options: either make a completely different type of path or make a tower of acrylic paths and drop paint from the top so it travels through the tower, mixing as they go downwards. The tools I could use didn't let me cut grooves in the acrylic, so I had to cut paths all the way through the acrylic.

I made small chunks of acrylic with paths in them and then assembled them in a tower shape, but I could not see how the paint was going to drop down or how I was going to film it if it was like that but when I laid out the pieces into a maze type path, it was easy to see a method of filming it and the way the paint was going to travel and mix.

During the assembly of the maze, I tried stacking up the acrylic and realized the gave me a refraction and this is something I felt I could use, so i decided to stack up some pieces of acrylic on certain parts of the maze, but i soon realised that this effect only worked when it was viewed from an angle, so it did not show up on my recordings.

Images of the Acrylic Pieces laid out in the maze on top of the lightbox.

Stacking up Acrylic

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