Friday, 15 October 2010

1 Down!!!!

Yesterday I went for my induction at the University to enable me to use the machinery in the Design & Technology workshop. Whilst I was there I got talking to the technician and asked him about ways to get the acrylic, he mentioned an acrylics company that was situated on the A13. So on my way home I kept a look out for it and surely enough I spotted the company he was talking about.

So earlier today I went out to Barking Industrial park, in the UK near the A13 and after asking around and I managed to catch the owner of the company before he went home and begged him to give me some pieces of acrylic and luckily enough he was so kind to give them to me. I got 3 pieces of 10mm thick clear acrylic which were 26" X 9" (inches) and these are more than big enough. This will allow me to do my tests for the experiment.

Now I need to get the paint. I went to some car workshops and asked if the had UV paint but they gave me a long explanation of what UV paint is and basically said NO, so i am actually going to do some research into what UV paint is and see if i can just get the chemical cheap and then mix some colour pigments into it to give me the colour I want.....

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