Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Project 1: 30 Second Experimental animation film.

Not the greatest fan of the experimental movies, especially not of the artists that try to make money out of something they accidentally stumbled upon and then try and put words together to confuse people into thinking it is a genuine piece of art. But then there are the experimental films that are done plainly to for aesthetic purposes, just to please the eyes and these are the sorts I like. I'm not saying I don't like every piece of experimental or abstract film/animation that is not aesthetically pleasing, I'm just saying i do not like artists that "lie/mislead" people about the purpose of their work. Anyways back to the project, the brief has several Dos and Don'ts. These are:

No music
No Characters
No Dialogue, no narrative voice-over (snippets of voices are allowed)
No traditional narrative/ plot

- 'Narrative' should be focused on an object, environment, atmosphere
- Graphic approach: consider image composition, colour, patterns, textures, atmosphere
- Typography is allowed as long as it doesn't tell a 'Story', but by no means compulsory
- Sound! Crate your own sound design / soundscape using software by richly layering field recordings. sound effects libraries, sound files from, etc
- Build up the film organically, create sound, image and 'narrative' at the same time, through editing, trial and error, rather than predefined storyboard
- Experiment! Push yourself to try new techniques + approaches

And ye if you didn't get bored reading all that, thats pretty much all the rules i need to follow and through out today I've been doing some research into what other artists have done and ill be posting all these up in a bit.

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