Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Process: Paint

What I needed was paint that allowed light to travel through it, so that I could get vivid colours from the paint. So when I realised I may not be able to use the UV paint, i found the next best thing. oil paint. I liked patterns oil made and how it reacted with light, but when I got the paint, it was too thick to use. I went to consult a tutor in the printing department about possible ways to get the paint thinner and more transparent. He recommended that I use white spirit for 2 reasons. The first reason he recommended it was because it made the paint transparent but the second most important reason was because this meant the paint would "never" dry and this was perfect because it meant that I could wash my acrylic if i made a mistake or if I wanted to overlay different footage of the experiment, or do it over different days then I could have just used the same pieces of acrylic.

Image of the Paint I used:

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