Wednesday, 27 October 2010


So I was not able to to go into University today due to some family circumstances, so I did not get to show my experimental videos to the class or tutor to get some well needed feedback. So I showed it to a few people and due to the nature of the project and majority of the audience I was showing, it was quite hard to get feedback on the animation. What I got mostly was that it was nice, or it looks better than the old one. I received one useful comment though from a classmate by the name of Jason Darlow. He pointed out that for a majority of the video nothing major actually happened. The entire experiment seems to have finished within the first 10 seconds, so we were just left with 20 seconds of what could probably pass off as a still image so I decided to act upon this suggestion and made a 3rd version of my experimental. He added a positive comment though, He stated that it looks quite organic and I am glad this was taken from the experiment because I wanted it to relate to the human body in some way. maybe by the paint traveling through paths, like blood or the organic feel you get when the paint makes minimal movements.

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