Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Ok so its a New Start and I'm Inspired...

Well i haven't touched this Blog in about a year but I am now in University (UEL Docklands Campus) and its a different experience. The students are very serious, (something thats been missing for a while) and I feel that I can learn a lot from here, but anyways I am not here to brag about the university.
This is going to be a diary of my inspirations. No matter how minimal it is, I will try and share it and i will also be sharing my progress through my professional career and hope that by this time next year I am writing on here from an in-house animation studio somewhere in Soho but thats in the future and I'll always try to talk about the "Nows" until that happens!!

An image of the UEL Docklands campus taken from Wikipedia, but I will try and get my own images on here once I get my camera.

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