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Robert Siedel...At last!!

So I fianlly ended up on his Vimeo page where he has 13 videos.I watched them all because I was completly fascinated. The mystery of the technique he used to achieve this and the explosion of colour just consumed me, it reminded me of an artist I researched during my time in Barking (I'll remember his name soonish).This gave my mind a new dimension of sight unto the project at hand. I had already stated I wanted to avoid doing computer generated effects for this so trying to figure out a way to achieve this kept my attention on his videos for a long time.

The main pieces of work that won my heart were Channel FIVE: Human paint, Futures- Zero 7 feat Jose Gonzalez, _grau, Appearing Disappearance and both Chiral Videos.

Each video had a different effect on effect on me, for example the Channel FIVE one matches what the brief states and showed me that 30 secs was enough time to create something thats visually beautiful and give the audience enough time to absorb what was going on.

Chiral however is the piece that left a mark and the appearance of this mark shall be revealed soon. I've always believed knowledge was just a bunch of questions and answers/ keys and locks and also the attempt to use keys that don't fit in some locks. But in this instance i thought to myself "What if I made something based on the Channel 5/grau/appearing disappearance and then projected it unto an object?"

I made a document of the thought process I was going through so here you go:
A very good example that’s just come into mind would be the human body, but it wouldn’t just be that, I will start off with the “digital” piece from the main project and then when it gets to a certain frame, it is going to transition into the projection. The main problem is going to be about how I will get the projector and also the correct environment to give me the desired result. I will need a dark room and I plan to just have the projection define the human figure but I feel like I may need a fill light to help it along a bit.

This project will be like a huge homage to the Futures film also made by Robert Siedel, it is a main combination of futures and chiral but it’s been made to target the aspects of a human, especially life, death, beauty and ugliness.

I came across Flux , a film by Candas Sisman and it was such an amazing abstract piece of art to admire and it completely hypnotized me for the entire duration but although it is very impressive, I do not want to do a similar project. The reason for this is because it is entirely 3d and has most likely been made in C4D but my aim for this project was to try some new techniques and even though C4D counts as new software, it doesn’t come under the category for new techniques for me but the video has defiantly been an inspiration. It’s shown how the use of shapes and familiar objects.

I’ve just reread the brief and it seems like the animation only need to last 30 seconds and it’s classified as an animation in the title and recording a person projected upon does not really classify as animation. I can still do the original idea but I’m not completely sure of the amount of impact it would have in 30 seconds. I plan to make an enquiry into the length but it might very well end up that the length would be beneficial depending on the complexity of the technique I am going to have to use to achieve the effects I want.
A lot of the things that have inspired me so far have been digitally created or digitally edited but i do not particularly mind editing the footage but finding a suitable technique for what I’ve planned might take some time.

chiral | documentation projection & paper sculpture | MOCA Taipei 2010 from Robert Seidel on Vimeo.
Chiral | Projection & Paper sculpture | Taiwan/Germany 2010

Please check here for the Projection Artwork:

Projection & Paper Sculpture: Robert Seidel
Soundtrack: Richard Eigner

Chirality is a scientific term describing a structure that is not identical to its mirror image. “Chiral” collects cinematic etudes, which develop various conceptual approaches in order to expand the two-dimensional image into space. They are projected onto a sculpture (510 x 260 x 370 cm) and a screen (250 x 200 cm) made from handmade Taiwanese paper and develop very different lives on these configurations of the same material.

The amalgamation of volumetric lights sets ideas from Chinese calligraphy into motion and melts them with influences from European Art Informel as well as impasto painting to an abstract-organic sculpture. The installation is completed by a soundtrack by Austrian composer Richard Eigner ( With the premiere in MOCA Taipei the first iteration of the long-term project was presented…

Premiered at Tripolar Exhibition - 3 Positions of German Video Art
Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, Taiwan)
Date June 15th 2010 - July 18th 2010

Supported by Council of Culture Affairs Taiwan, Taipei Culture Foundation, Goethe-Institute Taipei, Eden Book Store
Sponsored by Optoma, Transcend, Asus

More info


F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo. Watch in Full screen HD.
by the courtesy of Plato Art Space (Plato College of higher education)

ilhan koman hulda festival, a journey into art and science exhibition
Ayvansaray Caddesi No:33 Balat - İstanbul
22 September - 31 october

video and sound design by Candas Sisman

commissioned by Plato Art Space

A Short Animation Inspired by the Works of İlhan Koman

Plato Art Space is proud to present Candaş Şişman’s video dedicated to famous sculptor İlhan Koman produced for the exhibition İlhan Koman: Hulda Festival, a Journey into Art and Science opening on the 22nd September, 2010.
İlhan Koman’s unique design approach in his form studies also inspires contemporary art works. The video installation Flux by young artist Candaş Şişman can be defined as a digital animation which is inspired from the structural features of some of İlhan Koman’s works like Pi, 3D Moebius, Whirlpool and To Infinity... A red circle, which is colored in reference to the red radiators of Ogre, is traced in a morphological transformation which re-interprets the formal approach of Koman’s works. The continuous movement sometimes connotes the formal characteristics of Pi, 3D Moebius, Whirlpool and To Infinity..., as well as the original formal interpretations of the design principles of the works . In Flux, Koman’s design process in the making of the Pi series has been treated as the emerging of a sphere from a two-dimensional circle by the principle of increasing the surface; and that simple direction is re-interpreted in digital medium. Thanks to this, in the digital animation an entirely different form serial that does not resemble Pi yet remaining its design principle can be followed through the flow of a circle to the sphere. As a conscious attitude of the artist, this work is not designed in a direct visual analogy with Koman’s works. During the animation, none of the moments of the transforming form look like Pi or 3D Moebius, however the subjective reading of Koman’s approach can be observed.

With the integration of the sounds of various materials – which Koman used in his sculptures – Flux turns into an impressive spatial experience. Flux, also exemplifies that Koman’s work can be re-interpreted by the analysis and manipulation of form in the digital medium.

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