Sunday, 31 October 2010


So its been a very long time since I started this project and started getting very "different" ideas compared to the typical narrative based ideas I usually get. This was more about finding visual styles and well, experimenting. I looked at work and artists I wouldn't usually look at and even used unconventional methods of animating and the entire thing genuinely felt like an experiment. The method I used for the final piece was very much like a scientist mixing chemicals and until the very end, it was an experiment to see what was animation.

I purposely chose to do this project in unknown territory, going back to the days of D&T in primary school and just the curiosity of a child playing with everything he/she sees. This feeling of being an alien in this unfamiliar world got me subconsciously thinking outside the box and coming up with what I believe were great ideas that I wish to pursue long after this project is over, when I can get the resources needed.

There is one thing i am slightly disappointed in though. The paint did not come out as vibrant as I would have liked, it was not my intention from the beginning to have to apply post effects to the piece in After Effects but because of the outcome of the paint, I was not left with much of a choice. The effect worked well but next time I would spend more time finding out the specifics of the paint and would have maybe just went all out and invested in the UV paint and a very powerful light source to help things along.

This success of this project was actually an outcome of a similar project I did during my 1st semester where I made a stop motion animation out of torn up newspaper articles and the unconventionality of these types of work has always amazed me. The pen and paper have been taken to a new dimension, but from that project I learnt that light was essential to pieces of work like this. The light needs to be consistent so sunlight is never a wise choice unless that is part of the work. The light changes through out the day so you get inconsistencies so that is why a room with no windows was the perfect location for this.

I've really enjoyed doing this project, the uncertainty of the outcome was a very new aspect to me. Its different from the storyboards and mood boards I would usually use. Its an effective and fun way to find and try out new techniques.

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