Saturday, 14 November 2009

Current work.

Well today ive decided to take some time off MW2 and put some of that time into my Flash animation (ye i kno, nothing special) but special or not, its something practical to do and if im to reach a new 'level' by january, im going to have to do a lot of practical things, whether or not i enjoy them. The animations going ok....and thats all i can say about it really. OK is the only word i can give to it, but if it was someone elses work id probably say its crap, so a gd word to sum it up would probably be Craptacular. Im looking forward to my 3d project though, but am slightly worried by the lack of a story and ive got to have a storyboard ready by monday, so im going to have to think hard this weekend for a story involving a character that looks like a cross breed between a caveman, an alien and a pirate.

Aloo, Its begun!!

Well finally its here, hopefully i can be bothered enough to use this regularly, but im hoping this blog will grow and become useful to not just me, but a lot of other people with an interest in the media and the world of CG.