Thursday, 7 October 2010

OOH Lightbulbs everywhere...

So I had a lightbulb appear above my head and i kept it on long enough to plug it onto this post so here it is.

Have an object,(specifics unknown), and shape it into a Torus shape and in the middle of the torus is the camera and the projector. The projector is projecting the experimental video that’s been pre made unto the object, whilst the Taurus rotates and the camera is recording the outcome which is going to be experimental piece. This is also a good presentation method for the piece when it is being shown in festivals or exhibitions as it gives the piece a dimension that’s beyond its 2dimensional existence. But what makes this piece exceptionally interesting is the fact that it has gone from 2d, to 3d and has then ended up back as 2D, or maybe both dimensions depending on how it’s been exhibited.
Paper seems like a good choice for this as its very much associated with the 2nd dimension, because of drawing s and writings which are done on it but then this could also be said about the pencil or paintbrush. The main difference between these things is that the pencil and paintbrush have a very thick, compared to paper, 3 dimensional existence but paper is very thin object with an almost 2dimentional existence. I don’t really want to use paper as it’s linked too much to the exhibition method that Robert Seidel used for Chiral but then again my method is slightly different as the interpretation is slightly different and he is being credited as the inspiration of this piece.
If I was to use paper, I would most likely scrunch up the paper like he did and then use that as the torus. An interesting idea would also be to paint/draw unto the torus as it rotates around the projector. As this is a mixture of live action and stop motion animation, it may appear difficult to do, but I’ve seen this method accomplished before and what was done in that scenario is that 1 frame of the footage was played on the projector and then 1 frame of animation was done. This could very well result in some timing issues unless I do proper measurements but another method that is coming into my head is t fake he illusion. So I do the animation and then overlay the footage unto it in after effects to give the illusion that it’s been projected as that is what the overlay blend mode aims to achieve.

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