Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Process: The End...?

So I started the experiment and randomly pored the paint into the maze. I was not too bothered about the order the paint went in and wasn't bothered about my hand being visible in the either, but I did try and keep that to a minimum.

The outcome was not as I'd originally intended. The colours were not as vivid as I wanted and this was due to 2 things. the quality of my camera and the intensity of the light. My camera is not that impressive so it only did a mediocre job and the light just wasnt bright enough to make the paint as saturated as I'd have liked.

I tried to recover it in after effects but did not have much success, so I decided to continue on with it and experimented with the footage and the theme of Colour and the outcome was:

 Pictures from the Shoot.

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