Thursday, 7 October 2010

The "One piece" that is The Internet...

So through out my searches i found a wonderful site which as the name implies, has "Everything Visual" on there and i very much agree with this. There is a large amount of very interesting videos and images on this website. On this site I found a video that relates to my earlier idea about making projections unto the human body, but this made me realise that on top of needing the correct lighting conditions. I will also need a powerful projector, which is a resource i am not sure UEL has, but everything will be cleared up next Tuesday. But for now, heres the amazing Video by Marc Czerwiec & Vivien testard.

Light Rhapsody from MARC CZERWIEC on Vimeo.
We are two young french directors that decided to create a real time installation and make a video from it.

"Light Rhapsody" is a real time human lighting sculpture. A 3D model has been projected in real time over the real model through a projecting device. It creates a radiant dissemination emanating from her skin.That projection was animated and progress over her entire body until it has reached and invaded her face.

2 days shooting with the model (thanks to Julia for her patience!) and another one for the wild shot of NYC.

We shot with two cameras, a D90 and a 1Dmk4 cause the budget was super tight.

We would like to make some special thanks to our model, Julia Swell and our talented make up artist Cindy Leroux. Thanks to Hsiao-han Lan 筱涵 our magic set photographer !!!

Marc & Vivien


Everything Visual - Best website of the day

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