Friday, 17 December 2010

A week later...

A week went by and I had another tutorial with Will and during the week I had seen Despicable me and i was completly in awe of the yellow minions. The way they were animated and the way they interact is something that i have not seen for a very long time. The simple slapstick humour got my full attention and even made me laugh most of the time or at least chuckle a little.The simplistic character design also grabbed my attention and its because of all these things that I watched the movie twice in 1 day.

I discussed this with Will and he recomended that I watched Pib & Pog. Pib & Pog is a stop motion animation made by aardman studios and it's based around a 2 man sketch. The two characters are very wierd/funny looking and the things that happen to them are very absurd. I really enjoyed watching this stop motion but this led me to other duos like Purple and Brown (aardman).

I soon decided to look at the old school slapstick animations, so I started with Wile-e Cayote and the Road runner then went unto Bugs Bunny and even went all the way to Foghorn Leghorn. I got plenty of ideas from watching all these animations and i decided to scrap all my old stories and make a new one from scratch. The Story did not take as long as the others took but when i finished i realised the story actually had elements of my other two stories in it. An example being the location from the first story and the rendering i made for my presentation.

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