Friday, 17 December 2010

This is the plot for the No story.

Bob and Steve are good friends. Bob gets bored very quickly and thus always needs to find something to do to pass the time.
One day Bob goes to Steves house randomly and asks him to come and play football in the park.
Steve says no because he’s got a lot of work to do. He explains that he’s got work due in the following day for his workplace, but Bob does not take “No” for an answer, and soon convinces Steve that he’s going to have plenty of fun and that it wouldn’t take that long.
When they get to the park, a pretty girl walks past them, and so they stop and stare.
Bob nudges Steve with his shoulder and dares him to talk to her, but Steve instinctively says no, but after being patronised by Bob, he soon changes his mind. They both approach the girl but before Steve could get a word out, Bob quickly introduced himself and steals the spotlight and leaves Steve in the background as a spectator.

During this conversation, the girl lost interest in Bob as he babbled on about such and such, and stared at Steve who shyly stared back. As the girls attention is averted, a fly decides to fly unto her shoulder and Bob spots this and makes an attempt to scare it away, but ends up startling the girl.]
The girl shouts out daddy and sure enough, just a bit further away is the girls’ father, who is a slightly overweight clumsy policeman. Seeing his daughter in trouble, he clumsily reaches into his pocket as he approaches the 2 young boys. His aim is to use his weapon to scare away the 2 boys but as he struggled to pull it out, he accidently fires a bullet, which flies past Steves Head.

After this close encounter with death, Steve quickly made a run for it, but on his way, he steps of dog poo but keeps going and when he attempts to look behind to see where the police officer is, he runs into a tree, falls down and has a bee hive land on his chest.

At this stage, he is almost unconscious and as he goes completely unconscious, we see bees approaching him from above from Steves point of view.

Next thing we hear are door knocks and we soon see Steve get out of bed and look at the mirror where he looks on, unamused by his injured face.
Steve then goes to open the door and surely enough its Bob at the door asking steve to come and do something else again and this time Steve shakes his head and closes the door and makes his way back to bed.

There will be no dialogue, except maybe the girl saying Daddy. This is so that the animation can be understood by many different people/cultures from different counties and thus applies to a larger audience.

Steve and Bob are teenagers between the ages of 14-18 and the girl is around a similar age range.

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