Friday, 17 December 2010

Brief and some progress

Well there is actually no brief for this project. I just need to create a piece of animated work that is a reasonable lenght (2-3 mins) and with my chosen medium (3D animation).

Shortly after recieving the brief we were told that we needed to a PechaKucha themed presentation so I managed to get one prepared for the story I had. I initially thought I had a good story, conviniently named 'NO' but whilst doing the presentation and trying to explain my story, I started to have major doubts about my story. The story took ages to explain and did not even sound exciting.

I actually started having doubts when I was trying to type up the story, but they were fully confirmed during this presentation. The concept of the story got a good reception though, so I decided to work on it a little longer. The week after I had a tutorial with my tutor, Will, and after having a few discussions, we came up with a different story.

Now the story was going to be a series of sketches with 2 characters in different situaions. So in 1 sketch theyll be climbers, in another theyll be aliens and in another theyll be spacemen, but to be honest I was not completly thrilled with the idea so as i was progressing this idea I was constantly thinking about other alternatives.

 I managed to do some character designs for this idea though, with "Little Big Planet" being the biggest influence. I modelled the characters in maya and did some quick movement tests for them. These include a sketchy walk and run cycle.

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