Friday, 17 December 2010

Hunter VS Reader

The current progress of the slapstick story

Hunter walkin along bored.
Finds map on floor
Looks for X on the map
Walks towards X, but bumps into a park bench
Looks up and sees some guy on the bench reading a paper.
Tries to get his attention
Explains that there is treasure under his bench
Asks him to move to another bench
He refuses /He asks him to wait as he’s only got a few more pages left to read
I’ve realised that it may be better to have the treasure hunter as the villain.
The hunter gets angry and storms off
The hunter pops up in a bush behind the bench and drags out a pivot based mechanism.
He lifts up the bench and places it on the pivot
He drops a cannon ball unto the other end and sends the park bench flying into the air
He quickly grabs a shovel and readies himself to start digging
He hears a sound and looks up, then looks at the screen in dismay
The park bench drops straight unto him
He is then stuck inside the gaps in the bench
Reader is not fazed by anything that just happened and continues to read
Or maybe
The pivot breaks under the weight of the bench and the broken part still attached to the pivot, flips round and squashes the hunter.
He pushes the bench into a hole, but when he comes back to where the X is, the bench is back.
He pushes the bench into the hole again but this time he covers it back up.
When he returns to the X the bench is back.
He goes back to the hole, and jumps in.
The Hole gets covered up.
We see the guy on the bench, and the hunter comes into screen covered in dirt.
He snarls at the guy on bench and walks back off screen.
He comes back to the scene where the bench was and the bench is back.
He turns around, stares at the camera un-amused then walks away.
 He plants dynamites around the bench and when he triggers them, they do not explode. So he goes round checking each one and as he picks them up, they explode in his face. He does this with each piece of dynamite. (We only see the first 2 incidents and then it fades out and fades in, as he’s about to do the last one) (The last one is actually unlit but still explodes) or (he sees the last one unlit and decides not to go to it but as he is walking away it explodes)
He’s dazed and walks off screen dizzy
Hunter goes to guy on bench and asks him how long he’s got left, and he pulls out a huge book.
We see the hunters’ expression (angry)
We see the guy on bench smile and wink?
The end
Maybe we switch the dynamite scene with the hole scene and have him come back to the bench covered in dirt and then ask the hunter how long he’s got left.

Pressing issues after tutor discussion.

The bench needs to be impossible for him to move physically.
So maybe the reader is overweight?
He needs to put a lot of effort into moving the bench to make it funnier when he fails.
Maybe he has to get a crane to move it?
If the reader was fat, then will this be offensive to fat people? And I want slapstick, not stereotype jokes.

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