Friday, 17 December 2010

Another tutorial...

It was time for another tutorial with Will and i had my new story and some very rough thumbnails ready so i was feeling pretty damn confident.Will liked the story but he had some doubts. Even though it is animation and you can often cheat logic, you cannot overdo it. In the story i had an idea of the Hunter pushing the bench into a hole but by having this in there it really eliminates the point of his extraordinary efforts that he was using to move the bench. Obviously I could implant the idea of him going into all that effort when he could have just moved it, into the story, but then this will result into a happy ending for the Hunter....? or maybe hell just be very disapointed with what he finds.

The aim now is to get at LEAST an animatic completed by febuary but before i can start that i need to get the characters and story completly established, especially the end.

Will adviced me to watch "The cat that came back" which is a short animation that i found very funny and it sort of felt like de ja vu so maybe ive seen the animation before or a similar plot but the cats 9 lives joke is something ive definatly seen played upon a lot. It actually reminds me of Top cat the most.

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