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I did not have the internet for about for weeks but a few days ago it all got sorted out and I am now back online (with very slow download speeds).

During my 4 week break from the internet I managed to make progress on my animation and in this post I will upload the progress from last week.

After I had finished this I showed it around and also showed it to my tutor and received feedback. Whilst working on this I started to notice my work-rate seemed to have diminished even though I was still spending a very long time working on it. To counter this i decided to start writing down all the high priority changes that need to be made in each scene and then implementing them in the order they have been written down. I hoped this would stop me from straying from one part of the animation to another and thus leaving important parts of the animation incomplete and confusing to the viewer.

The changes i decided to make for the next week were:

Road scene:

After dodging the last piece of paper, maybe he should look back at it before the piece of paper lands on his head. This will add some anticipation.


Map needs to be clearer and maybe have him point at things in the scene that are also on the map.

Make the map in ¾ view so it is clearer.


When he arrives at the bench maybe have him point at the bench on the map so the viewers know that is where the treasure is.

Park 3:

When he goes back down into the bush, make it snappier. Add some stretch.

When he brings out the hammer and then the other weight, there should be a visible change in weight, so make them heavier (not bigger)

Maybe I should avoid using the fade to black after he arrives with the baby but maybe if I had the audio of the baby crying whilst he goes off screen then this might make it plausible.   

Need more anticipation before he drops the baby, so maybe he lifts the baby above his head.

Lay them out in a diagrammed manner so its hunter, baby, lever then reader from right to left.

Maybe make it so that we can see the Hunters body upon impact.

Drop the bench first and then when the bench settles, drop the reader unto the bench, make him pause, look around and then continue reading.


Slow things down.

As camera moves away, it should stop before the explosion.

Park 5:

At close up of him aiming the bazooka, have him shaking and sweating to show his anger

Missile hits floor and dies, (within the screen space) then it reawakens as man goes to look into bazooka, and flies up into the sky (sound helps to build up anticipation as it comes back to land)

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