Monday, 28 March 2011


There is not that much Major animation left to do so very soon i would have to begin working on the audio for this project. I've been searching around for voice actors but i still have not found an actor with a voice that matches these characters. I also need to urgently find or create a piece of music which the animation is timed to. Usually the audio for the animation would have been done first before production actually begins, but it is not uncommon to animate first and then work on the audio (how it is done in the Eastern world with Anime). Each has its advantages and disadvantages but for me doing the animation first was more appropriate because I did not have the time to plan my animation in amazing details and as I have learnt from my past projects, the final outcome and the initial idea can be very different and so the piece of audio pre-recorded from the beginning might not sync with the final animation and could easily be the downfall of the project.

The downside to animating first is that it becomes very difficult to see what works and what doesn't because audio also plays a big part in timing, impact and mood. So some sequences just seem very dull without audio. To see to what extent audio affects an animation, I decided to watch some of the roadrunner cartoons with no sound and unfortunately i fell asleep 3 minutes into it. This does not mean some sequences were not funny, it just means the full potential of the animation is not realized without the audio and from this experiment I learnt that visual and audio should be thought of as 1 or at least as important as each other.   

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