Monday, 28 March 2011

Further progress

I found the list to be very effective and I got much more done on the animation, so this is the update which is just 1 week apart from the post below.

I did not add any transitions in this one but if you watched last weeks version (post below) you would know where they belong.

The changes that need to me made to this are:

Scene 1 ((Road))
Need to finesse the maps flying through the air.
Fix Hunters face penetrating through the piece of paper at end of scene.
Add facial animation as he is reacting and interacting with the map at end of scene.
Scene 2 ((Park))
Finesse Hand movement on map. Make it look more believable.
Add Facial animation
Give Reader Newspaper
Scene 3 ((Park))
Give Reader Newspaper and fix penetration.
Add Reader facials. Make eyes and eye lids move.
Scene 4 ((Park))
Add Jaw movement to hunter whilst he is prepping the pivot rig.           
Add Reader facials. Make eyes and eye lids move.
Scene 5 ((Park))
Hmmm…Discuss with Will
Scene 6 ((Park))
More work on Hunters turn to react to rocket threat
More attention on reader animation at end of the scene.
Add anticipation to rocket before it flies off.
More attention to hunters facials.

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