Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Its been a long time since ive updated this but i recently put together my animatic and this made me realise a lot of shots that i would need to insert into my animation so that it flows correctly.

At the begining I need to have a shot of paper flying through the air and past a bright sun showing how great the day is, before we see the character walking

After he looks at the paper, I need to show him walk off.

A few scenes need to transition with the use of a fade to black.

The Dynamite scene needs to be redone. The part when he goes behind the tree and looks at his watch, then comes back out is too fast.

A suggestion from a class mate:

The scene where he tries to get the Readers attention needs to be edited. There is a part where he goes on top of the reader and instead of the "Jump" it may be better to have him climb on top of the reader. This would show the hunters inferiority.

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