Sunday, 6 February 2011

Animatic revision

So on the 3rd I had my midterm review with my tutor and got more feedback. The more I worked on my animatic, the more unhappy with it I became and in the end i pretty much hated it every scene.

The feedback was focused on the narrative of the story, establishing characters and consistancy in behaviour, characater and abilty. The hunter lacked consistancy from scene to scene. The way he comes out of the bush is very out of character from what we saw from the other scenes. There had not been anything telling us the characters in this universe were able to deform like that. So Will (tutor) adviced me to either show this ability from the first scene we see him waltzing down the road or just not have it at all and I agreed with him on this and I will be taking out all "major" deformations. This is also a good thing because the rig is very limiting when trying to do smooth arched deformations.

The Animatic did not make complete sense and the timing in a few scenes was very wrong, especially the "behind the tree" scene. This was mainly because the animatic was not completly finished as i was waiting for feedback before doing further work on it, but I realise now that i should still have spent more time on the timing so the idea and story would communicate much better.

In the scene where the hunter is trying to get the readers attention, it does not look like he may have exhausted all of his options and it kind of ruins the story because his actions later on do not seem completly justified.

I made notes of all of these and started remaking the animatic. The video below is one of the scenes which I have redone.

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