Thursday, 17 December 2009

YouTube video leads to Hollywood contract

Well well well, here i am again. this place seems so odd to me, but im back with good news. 2day, thursday, the day it snowed in dagenham (truth), i recieved a link from a fellow frend of mine, which showed me a news article about a producer that made a very good short movie which recieved a lot of approval from hollywood and got the producer a job on a high budget film. i must say, the short was very impressive but what i didnt find impressive was the fact that none of the technitians and artists were mentioned in the article as if all the magic came from the producers fingers, but maybe thats just because of the focus of the article, but i still find it unfair that the true geniuses in the project got no recognition in this article and it really stresses the importance of improving your skills to the point where you can direct and even produce your own short movies to a very high quality.

ill put up the link and video once i figure out how......Good to be back Amigos.

Sure is Quiet in here........................

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  1. hurry up and embed the video. i want to see this